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PTC Sites , SCAM list and where to get REFERRALS

Sites where you can get free referrals at the bottom of this list.

On this Post, you will find very useful informations about most PTC Sites. You are invited to post your links and comments.

The Best ones:


Clixsense - The referrals of your referrals will let you earn, deep to 8 levels! The upgrade for 1 year costs very little as $16 and the privileges are very high. At start it seams you earn very small, but wait to upgrade and to have referrals, it all changes. Be constant. A must-be member site!

Clicksia  - Good to promote your links free by traffic exchange. + Find guaranteed ref from the Complete Offer section.
Incentria - Sister's site of Clicksia , you can promote for free by traffic exchange + Find guaranteed ref from the Complete Offer section , I had many from here!

BuxP - Traffic exchange for one of your links - Buy referrals - Good  earning after upgrade !!! Click on the "Earn Money"every hour to view more ads. TIP: the current server time must be like 12:59:59 or 13:59:59 or 14:59:59 and so on while you are clicking to refresh the page. I make 20$ every week! Payment prof:

OpenBux - Good earning, but I use the earning to advertise back my other links!

PPlink - with traffic exchange, great value to advertise: 25.000 visits for 10$.

EarnEasyCash - Cheap advertising + traffic exchange. Upgrade only with 2$.

CashNhits - Online and Paying since 2009, many way to earn, cheap and free ads !!! FREE PTC ADS when you surf exchange section!!!

G20Clix High earning! Pays 0.01 per click!

WordLinx - Excellent as a PTC, but also to obtain referrals and exchange links.
WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

DonkeyMails - One of the most "old" and reliable PTC. A little difficult to understand, but there are so many ways to earn. No Minimum Payout

No1Bux - New !  $ 0,25 for every new ref + $ 2.00 bonus for sign up. Highly suggested. 

Eimimo - Share and earn FREE

 ADPAID - Great earning!

  Bux Matrix - Great program!

Sites where you can get free referrals:

Free 250,000,000 Visitors to your website:

CentWorkers - Earn money, find referrals, have likes and visits to your links. Free to Join.

ProgramREF - Find ref for free!

LinkReferral - free traffic, reviews and more... earn up to 0,15 to refer a member, free quality traffic, find referrals for your program, clients for your online shop and members for your blog.
free web site traffic and promotion

Got Safelist - free traffic, 5.000 credit to sign up free

Traffic Master - free pro member + free credit to sign up

Ad Chiever - Free traffic 
Profitable Email Marketing

Traffic Swarm - free to join free traffic

ClickVoyager - Great traffic and free prizes every day! 

Advhits - Cheap traffic, likes, Youtube views and earn 10% money by referring people. 
Your ad will be shown in more than 200 different sites and you'll find many interested customers and many referrals.


We Deliver Traffic - Traffic International, Traffic USA, Signups - 10% commissions 

Due to recent discoveries, I create a 
SCAM list of PTC sites. I apologize with all of those that are joined at these. 

If you had a bad experience with those you are free to tell us here all you like to share, it will help others to be careful.

TwoDollarclick - SixDollarclick - NeoDollar - TenDollarclick -Same fake admin, people never get the payments - It runs from 2007, but Their site fits what is called a Ponzi Scheme. Where they take funds from new investors to pay old investors. Some are not even paid and from time to time the site closes to reopen with some excuse.
CVEbux - Difficult site. It closes and reopened few times. Be careful.

BigLevelBux - BigEuroBux - BuxGrowth - Their sites are been suspended.
SHBux - They did not pay - Also the payment request disappeared - They let you pay $ 0.50 to send a support ticket and they never reply to it.

Highearnbux - Among those that use to pay more,  but disappeared. It is not a danger anymore, but let's us hope The Admin will not try again !

Buxpa - Here there is another one that liquefied!

TrustyPTC - Ok, I give up ! I wanted to go on with this site to see till the end if they where SCAM. I could not do it, the site closed before I reached the $10.000.000. It was to good to be true! Finally it was a SCAM !

PoundBux - Yes, they are SCAM too! No way they will do payments ! No way to send them a ticket to complain ! They are ghosts ! Be very careful ! Do not mess with them because they are still running the site.

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Facebook Twitter Youtube Google ! Free traffic ! Join Free !

Free fans, free visitors, free traffic. Earn coins and use them to get free traffic!.

Neobux one of the best ! Join Free !

Here is one of the best strategies for NeoBux that I found on the web:

Since I joined NeoBux a few months ago, I have tried many strategies to increase my earnings from the site. Having only been using this strategy for the last 3 months, I am not rich, but I have seen a great increase in my earnings every day. The person that taught me this strategy is at the point of consistently earning $45+ dollars each day. What follows below is what I consider to be the best strategy to go from $0 a day to earning a minimum of $30 per day, with absolutely no out-of-pocket expense, in the shortest amount of time possible.

I will say this, if you can afford to invest a few dollars near the beginning like I have, you will get to your goal much faster. At any point during the process, you can “inject” a little money to help you reach the next step faster. The important part is becoming a Golden member and then an Ultimate member.

The key to making good money with NeoBux is with referrals. Of course, the more you have, the quicker you will earn money. Since referrals at Neobux are rented, lots of people fail because they simply rent, rent, rent and don’t think about saving some money to renew their current referrals at the end of their rent cycle.

The referrals at NeoBux are actual people (not BOTS like most other PTC sites) and cost $0.20 a month each. Most of them will be active but some won’t. You have the option to recycle a non-active referral for an active one for a $0.07 fee. Recycling can add up so don’t overdo it.

Your mission is to eventually become an “Ultimate” member and have 4199 referrals. Both strategies will get you there but spending a little up front will get you there much faster and earn you thousands of dollars more over that time. Now remember, patience is key. Rome wasn’t built in a day and you won’t be making $30/day within a month.

The Best NeoBux Strategy 

Step 1: 
Create a new NeoBux account. Choose a time each day that you will click all your ads. Try to click everyday at the same time, if possible. You MUST click all of the yellow colored ads to receive credit for your referrals clicks. If you miss a day, you will not get credit for any clicks made by your referrals that day.
Optional: Install the AdAlert extension to your browser. It will let you know when there are new ads to click trough-out the day. This is a great way to increase your earnings.

Step 2: 
Once you reach $2 in your main balance, transfer that money to your rental balance. (Note: Do not make the mistake of renting referrals when you have $0.6 like most people do. Yes, you can rent 3 referrals but you won't have the money to maintain them after they expire. Wait until you have $2.) Yes it may take some time to get to $2 on your own but you will then have enough to keep your new referrals and recycle inactive ones.

Step 3: 
With $2 in your rental balance, rent 3 referrals. At this point, turn on Autopay (you’ll find this option at the top of the page where your referrals are listed). Rented referrals cost $0.20 a month to maintain. Instead of you paying for the referral, they pay for themselves as long as you have Autopay activated. You basically get one less penny from each referral, but they’ll be your referral as long as they remain active.

Tip: Fight the urge to cashout for now. When you request payment (with as little as $2 in your main balance), you get paid instantly. Naturally most people want to do this to make sure NeoBux is legit but I’m here to tell you it definitely is! If you still want to try it, go ahead but just once.

Step 4: 
Continue to rent referrals in increments of 3 whenever you reach $2 in your account. As you earn more money, you can rent in higher increments. Once you have 300 referrals, quit renting and just maintain the ones you have.

Step 5: 
Once your main balance gets to $100, use $90 of it to buy the Golden upgrade. Your referrals will immediately start earning you 1 cent per click instead of the normal ½ cent as a Standard member. You will now see your earnings at NeoBux start to double.

Step 6: 
Start renting new referrals again while ensuring you have enough money to renew and recycle your current referrals. Once you reach 1200 referrals, stop renting, focus on maintaining and build up your balance.

Step 7: 
As soon as you have enough money to do so, buy the Ultimate membership. The Ultimate membership is expensive but has impressive benefits. The best feature is the 7-day auto-recycle policy. If any referral is inactive for 7 days in a row, the system will automatically recycle them with an active referral. Once you are Ultimate, I would recommend that you stop manual recycling altogether. In addition, your personal clicks now are worth 2 cents, you are guaranteed at least 15 ads to click daily, you are allowed 30 “vacation” days where you will still make money from your referrals even if you don’t click any ads that day, and it includes several other benefits.

Step 8: 
Once you are an Ultimate member, continue renting referrals until you reach between 4000-4199 referrals. At that point, stop renting, turn off autopay and begin renewing your referrals for 90, 150, or 240 days at a time. The longer the amount of time, the larger the discount is to renew. Again, think long term. Renewing for 240 days at a time will cost you more up front but with a 30% discount compared to autopay’s 15% discount, your earnings will be much bigger over a 240 day period.

Cashing Out 

The absolute best time to cashout is when you are making a decent income with 4000+ referrals but lots of people don’t have the patience to wait that long. The earliest I would recommend to cashout is when you become a Golden member. Just keep in mind that the faster you get to 4000+ referrals, the more money you will earn over time.

  • You can boost your NeoBux earnings by obtaining direct referrals using the referral link provided to you after 30 days. These are people that sign up under you and have absolutely no cost. They continue to earn for you as long as they remain active. NeoBux recently re-introduced commissions from direct referrals. Read the NeoBux forums to learn more.
  • It will seem like it’s going to take forever to earn money but it’s only 5 minutes a day of work and you will really begin to see amazing progress as you start getting referrals.
  • Most importantly, be patient. Yes, there’s that word again. Stick with it and you will be earning a tremendous passive income every day, quicker than you think. Good luck!

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